Facial Plastic Surgery

The first facial plastic surgery institute in Thailand with more than 40 years of experience

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Our Philosophy

Teeraporn's reductive approach to plastic surgery highlights the natural beauty through our mininally invasive techniques and non-foreign augmentation.

Less visible marks, less recovery time and more natural results.

Our Tech

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Our Services

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Double Eyelids

A new, painless double eyelid surgery with just a 2-day recovery and invisible scars, a breakthrough innovation developed in-house.


Eyebags Removal

Transform your look with Teeraporn's breakthrough eyebag removal. Say goodbye to tired eyes with practically invisible scars and low recovery time.

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Elevate your beauty with Teeraporn's Browlift solution. Achieve naturally beautiful brows with perfect height and posture.

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Discover a new dimension for your nose with Teeraporn's LuckyNose. Redefine your beauty with our cutting-edge solutions are tailored for your unique needs.

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Unlock timeless beauty with Facelock, our trademarked facelift innovation. Experience smaller incisions, invisible scars, and swift recovery – exclusively at Teeraporn.

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Chin Contour

Discover the allure of facial definition with Teeraporn's V-Chin technique. Elevate your facial contours for a striking, well-defined lower face.

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Neck Contour

Timeless elegance begins with Teeraporn's solution for aging neck skin. Our minimally invasive technique ensures swift recovery, revealing a gracefully rejuvenated you.

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Skin Services

Skin service coming soon.


Success Stories

Our Services

Success Stories

Surgery is craftsmanship.

That is why we have built an elite team of medical experts who can ensures unparalleled safety and exceptional results.

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...or leave us a message & we will get back to you.

...or leave us a message & we will get back to you.

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