Double Eyelid

Double eyelid surgery (LUCKY EYE)

Teeraporn's Double eyelid surgery LUCKY EYE technique sets a new international standard for double eyelid surgery. Our philosophy - "Less is more"- will ensure that you have beautiful, natural eyelids like you were born with them.

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Double Eyelid Double Eyelid
ตาสองชั่น ก่อนทำ ตาสองชั่น หลังทำ

The eyes play an important role in reinforcing the balance of the face while Physiognomists believe they bring luck. So trust in Teeraporn in helping you be ‘Lucky in Love’ and ‘Lucky in Game’.

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Why Double Eyelid at Teeraporn Clinic?

Lucky eyes

Lucky Eye- the "Less is More" double eyelid surgery technique with more than 40 years of research and development

Lucky eyes

Short incision technique utilizing a three-point locking system to create permanent eyelids with small scars and fast recovery

Lucky eyes

Boost your luck with the perfect facial anatomy

Lucky eyes

Our team of medical experts and ophthalmologist to solve all your eye problems

Teeraporn Clinic's "Lucky Eye" program includes operations tackling Ptosis - the weakening of the eye muscles- using our technique with over 40 years of development, following the "Less is More" philosophy.

Our technique tackles Ptosis through a minimally invasive surgery utilising short incisions and three-point locking system to result in fast recovery, practically invisible scar and long-lasting results.

Our surgery does not only tackle Ptosis but can also boost your luck by giving you the perfect facial proportions.

The double eyelid surgery process

Before the Lucky Eye procedure:
• Our surgeon team will conduct interviews with you to better understand your preferences or problems
• Design your dream eyelids with the doctors while evaluating the feasibility of the operation
• The design process is then followed by facial sanitation and the start of the operation

During the double eyelids procedure:
• The procedure starts with anesthesia injection around eyelids area, followed by a small 5-10 mm incision in the middle of the eyelid folds (i.e. Fat suction required if there’s too much fat underneath eyelids). The small wound will be stitched together to create the eyelids to look natural with no scars.

**The technique of double eyelid surgery depends on the individual eyelids condition."

Benefits of our eye surgery services

  • Reveal more of your eyes
  • Tackle sleepy eyes
  • Make your eyes sparkle while looking refreshed
  • Tigheten the forehead
  • Help rebalance the symmetry of the eyes

If you would like to look visibly younger but do not know where to find services to bring back your natural youth, think no further. Teeraporn Clinic has double eyelids surgery services which can help you achieve the long-lasting results you are looking for.

Think natural beauty. Think Teeraporn Clinic.


Lucky eyes
Lucky eyes
Lucky eyes
Lucky eyes
Lucky eyes



An international standard for double eyelid surgery have been invented and developed to solve all eye-shape problems. With elegant double eyelids, the natural beauty of the face can be enhanced so you can be confident with your natural, beautiful eyes.


Teeraporn Clinic is the center for facial plastic surgery institute with over 40 years experience. With our team of specialist surgeons under the provision of Dr. Choladhis, Teeraporn Clinic offers the best-in-class plastic surgery services to fulfill all your cosmetic needs.

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