Baby Face-Lock (Upper face facelift)

Baby Face-Lock (Upper face facelift)

The BABY FACE-LOCK surgery targets the upper part of the face around the temple areas to eliminate wrinkles around the forehead, eyebrows and eye tails to help you look forever young.

Baby face Baby face

Special Techniques invented by Teeraporn Clinic

FACE-LOCK is a trademarked surgery technique developed by Dr. Choladhis Sinrachatanant designed to reduce creases and wrinkles around the face. Our innovative "Lock System" is the result of over 30 years of research and development designed especially for the Asian physique.

Who is FULL FACE-LOCK suitable for?

• Woman/man who like to remain youthful

• Patients who do not much time for recovery

• Patients with over age over 40 years old

• Those with wrinkles, obvious smile lines or uneven eye-shapes

• Those with flabby or uneven cheeks

• Those who have discovered that Fine Thread Lifting does not answer all your facial needs


Younger face Immediately look refreshed

Do it once, lasts for 10 years.

Small wounds with fast recovery. Patients will be able to go home immediately after the operation.

The FACE-LOCK™ processes

• 1-2 hours of surgery operation

• No hospitalization required

• Patients are able to continue your daily routines as per usual

• Remove stiches 5 days after surgery

• Appointment for wound cleaning and follow up after surgery

Self recovery process. The self recovery process after FACE-LOCK at Teeraporn Clinic.

After the FACE-LOCK operation at Teeraporn Clinic, keep the bandage on for 24 hours to cover the wounds and retain certain points that need to be tightened. However, no hospitalization is required and patients can proceed with their normal daily routines. Patients should avoid spicy and fermented foods while keeping the wounds dry and clean at all times. After the operation, the medical team will make an appointment for routine check ups, to clean the wounds and to have the stitches removed with 1-2 weeks post-operation.

Complementary skin treatment service or our Face Lock customers
Complementary skin treatment service or our Face Lock customers

Face -Lock


Forehead Lifting Surgery

ด้วยอายุที่มากขึ้น ปัญหาความหย่อนคล้อยของผิวหน้า จะเริ่มกลายเป็นปัญหารบกวนใจของหลาย ๆ

full face lock ดึงหน้า สองช่วง


As the skin begins to stretch over time and deterioration of skin cells, the facial skin can start to sag.

Face lock
Face lock
Face lock
Face lock
Face lock
Face lock


Teeraporn Clinic is the center for facial plastic surgery institute with over 40 years experience. With our team of specialist surgeons under the provision of Dr. Choladhis, Teeraporn Clinic offers the best-in-class plastic surgery services to fulfill all your cosmetic needs.

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