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An institution that provides surgery, rehabilitation, and total facial care solution for sustainable beauty and global quality.


Providing care and treatment with professionalism for both Thai and foreigners. Through the development of knowledge in care and treatment to further develop products and academics. Including providing services to society together with developing health products that can be distributed through other channels with international standards in order to be a leader in innovation related to facial beauty.


  • Client is Relatives
  • Professionalism is key
  • Innovation
  • Staff is Family

Message from the Chairman


Dear shareholders,

Amidst the unpredictable fluctuations and challenges witnessed in the economy over the past year, we stand firm in our resolve and adaptability as a company. The global economy has been marked by volatility, from the coronavirus pandemic to inter-state wars, posing challenges to businesses across all sectors. However, even in the face of such adversity, our company has remained resolute in its commitment to success. Through strategic planning, well-advised management, and a dedicated workforce, we have not only weathered the storm but have also emerged more adept. Our ability to navigate through such turbulent times is a testament to our resilience and capacity to tackle any obstacle that may arise. As we continue our journey forward, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence and unwavering in our dedication to creating long-term value for our shareholders.


Furthermore, our company emphasizes the importance of sustainable business practices and upholds the principle of conducting operations with sustainability at its core. We have established policies aimed at promoting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, aligning the company's objectives and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are also committed to practicing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in accordance with ethical principles, ensuring fairness to all stakeholders.


The board of directors, management, and staff extend our sincere appreciation to shareholders, customers, and business partners for their unwavering support, trust, and invaluable guidance. Rest assured, the management is committed to conducting business with prudence, integrity, transparency, and ethical standards to ensure the company's sustained and enduring growth.

Warm regards,

Prof. Dr. Apichat Sivayathorn

Chairman, Aesthetic Connect Public Company Limited

Board of Directors
Name Position
1 Prof. Dr. APICHATI SIVAYATHORN Chairman / Independent director
The Executive Committee
Name Position
1 Dr. Choladhis Sinrachatanant Chairman of the Executive Officer / Chief Executive Officer
2 Mr. CHAIYOT DENARIYAKUL Executive Director / Deputy Chief Executive Officer
3 Mr. PALAPONG CHAYANGSU Executive Director / Deputy Chief Executive Officer
4 Cdr. SUWANNEE JIRAYANGYUEN Executive Director / Executive Director
5 Mr. KONGSAK TECHAWIBUNPHON Executive Director / Director of Operations
6 Mrs. DARANEE DHUBKAEN Executive Director / Director of Accounting and Finance (CFO)
7 Mr. CHAKCHALAT SINRACHATANANT Executive Director / Marketing Director

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The first 10 shareholders as of 12 Mar 2024

ลำดับที่ ชื่อผู้ถือหุ้น จำนวนหุ้น สัดส่วนการถือหุ้น
1 SAN FUN HOLDING CO., LTD. 118,800,000 33.94%
2 Cdr. SUWANNEE JIRAYANGYUEN 80,000,000 22.86%
3 นาย ไพบูลย์ เสรีวิวัฒนา 11,896,600 3.40%
4 นายกฤตภาส จิรยั่งยืน 11,887,000 3.40%
6 MR. PANIANG PONGSATHA 6,604,200 1.89%
9 MISS JUTIMA PATLIDANON 3,794,000 1.03%

Board of Directors meeting (Public Company) No. 1/2023, February 23, 2023, resolved to approve the sustainable development policy. The company is committed to operating and creating sustainable growth for businesses under good corporate governance throughout the value chain, taking into account impacts on stakeholders, society and the environment. The company believes that conducting business on the basis of sustainability is an important foundation that will help strengthen the organization's stable growth. In addition, the company is committed to operating on the basis of creating positive change for both the community, the environment and the economy in order to operate in the appropriate direction and create benefits for stakeholders at all levels. This intention will help promote operations aimed at sustainability at the company level. The important factors are as follows:

  1. Adhere to conducting business with fairness. Give importance and respect to human rights,treatment of customers, business partners, and business competitors and labor equally. Including being responsible to consumers and give importance to the health and safety of employees at work Including creating awareness and encouraging employees to take care of the environment along with developing communities and society to have a better quality of life.
  2. Directors, executives, employees, and employees have a duty to support, promote, and work in accordance with the sustainability development policy until it becomes an operating culture that takes into account balanced benefits in terms of economics, society, and the environment.
  3. Create awareness and responsibility for sustainable development approaches. That will ensure that the company develops the economy in line with the interests of society, the environment and stakeholders as well as continually promoting responsible operations throughout the organization's value chain.The company has a policy of cultivating attitudes and creating organizational culture so that employees are responsible for the society they live in together. It is considered as our main mission to create projects and activities that are beneficial to the development of society and communities. Therefore, a sustainability policy has been established. To promote the environment, society and good governance. (Environment, Social, and Governance: ESG) along with being a part of helping drive towards sustainable development goals at the national and social levels.



The Board of Directors will oversee and ensure that objectives and goals are consistent with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the following governance guidelines. (Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs) โดยมีแนวทางกำกับดูแลดังต่อไปนี้

  1. The board will supervise the preparation of annual strategies and plans in line with the company's main objectives and goals. Taking into account both environmental and social impacts, including respect for human rights. and good corporate governance in a comprehensive manner and will support monitoring and reviewing the implementation of strategies and goals that have been set in the short, medium and long term to ensure that the Company's strategies and plans Achieve the objectives that have been set.
  2. The committee will ensure that there is an analysis of the environment with various factors and risks that may affect relevant stakeholders throughout the business value chain in formulating annual strategies and plans. Including considering various factors that may affect the achievement of the company's main goals in a comprehensive manner. There is a mechanism that truly understands the needs of stakeholders.
  3. The board of directors will supervise and control the company's operations appropriately. Including conveying the main objectives and goals of the company. Through strategies and action plans for employees throughout the company to know and put into practice.

2.1 Value Chain

Primary Activities

The main activities consist of 5 activities as shown in the diagram below. which are linked according to the overall picture of the company's business operations The company has guidelines for managing the business value chain for all 5 activities as follows:

ข้อมูลบริษัท 16

1. Purchasing, procuring, hiring

  • Select and procure products and services from many high quality manufacturers, distributors, and service providers to reduce the risk of relying on a single manufacturer and to enhance competitiveness
  • Provide medical supplies and medical tools or equipment that are of high quality, modern, and sufficient to meet the needs of those receiving services
  • Hire experienced personnel have expertise in providing services

Providing operative services 

  • Committed to providing services with a modern service system. We are committed to reducing the impact on the community and environment, including dust, noise and odor, as much as possible, taking into account human rights principles. Safety and Occupational health and fairness to all employees and business partners
    Consulting Inspect and evaluate to plan effective service delivery.
  • Chemicals, waste, and infectious waste are properly managed as required by law
  • Chemicals, waste, and infectious waste are properly managed as required by law.


  • Procedure services are inspected before delivery. To create satisfaction for those receiving services.

Marketing and sales

  • Service values are set at an appropriate, worthwhile, and competitive level.
  • There is a study of market conditions to know the needs of customer.
  • Study to find appropriate communication channels to reach customer groups.

After-sale service

  • Follow up and oversee treatment results and services closely to ensure efficiency and sincere service. Including evaluating customer satisfaction.
  • Listen to customer opinions in order to consider correcting, developing, and improving work processes to be more efficient.

Support Activities

For the company's supporting activities Consists of 4 activities: 4 กิจกรรม ได้แก่

  1. Human Resource Management

It can be considered that in the company's business, human resources are the key to driving the company's various transactions. Therefore, the company has given importance starting from hiring knowledgeable and capable personnel. including competitive compensation management able to motivate and encourage employees to receive regular development training Including providing opportunities to grow and advance in careers and providing good care and morale to create love among employees. Engagement with the company and dedication to creating and developing effective services to respond appropriately to customer needs.

    2. Development of technology for services

The company is committed to supporting innovation in order to change work processes for better efficiency. Along with creating benefits to society, we focus on using new technology to make it easy to use and bring maximum benefit.

    3. Procurement

The company adheres to the principles of conducting business with regard to trade ethics, transparency, and fairness to trading partners. Including maintaining and continuing good relationships with trading partners. and comply with trade conditions with trading partners The company has provided orders regarding procurement and a manual for operations regarding procurement. To make procurement transparent and is a guideline for work for agencies involved in procurement operations. Purchasing activities must be planned. By preparing project plans and annual budgets and presenting them for approval to the Board of Directors. and when the budget has been approved The agency requesting procurement must prepare a purchase request that is consistent with the plan and budget and present it to the approval authority in accordance with the specified approval limit. Then it will go into the procurement process. Moreover, the Company will not conduct any transactions with trading partners whose names are in the database of the Anti-Money Laundering Office. In addition, the Company behaves in accordance with the framework of good competition rules. Do not use dishonest methods to destroy business partners or competitors.

    4. Infrastructure

The company has taken care of, developed, and improved important work systems in the company's business operations to keep them up-to-date at all times. To be able to provide services to customers quickly, correctly, precisely and efficiently, including a medical assessment system computer system technology Management information system Risk management system customer information system Accounting and financial systems Human resource management information system Communication systems within the company and with service recipients, etc.

2.2 Analysis of stakeholders in the business value chain

The Company has thoroughly considered, analyzed and assessed the expectations of stakeholders in the Value Chain in order to meet the expectations of both internal and external stakeholders who have relationships with the supply chain. It can be summarized as follows:

Stakeholder group

Participation channels

expectations of


Responding to stakeholder expectations

Stakeholders within the organization

Shareholders /

Investor / Analyst

Organizing shareholder meetings

Presentation of quarterly operating results

Financial analyst meeting

Activities of listed companies meeting investors

Inviting investors to visit the establishment

Good returns

Good corporate governance

The business is stable and growing continuously.

- The information received is correct, complete, timely, and transparent.

There is a risk management system.

There is a good inspection and control system.

- Govern the business in a transparent, fair, and verifiable manner.

Pay dividends appropriately

Disclose information transparently

Prepare a strategic business plan

Manage risks carefully


Communicate relevant information through communication channels and have an appropriate frequency

Employee satisfaction assessment

- Listening to ideas and proposals Advice through various channels

- Good returns and there is an opportunity to advance in career. including the stability of the company

Environment and space suitable for working

- There is adequate equipment used for work. and is in ready-to-use condition

Have welfare and safety in work

Training and encouraging employees to continuously develop their skills and knowledge.

Joint activities between executives and employees

Setting policies and plans for personnel development

- Set guidelines and guidelines for safety and occupational health in work

Stakeholders outside the organization



Meeting customers

Coordinate closely with customers every step of the way.

- Complete notification of service fees in advance Before the procedure

Customer satisfaction survey

Doing activities with customers

Receive accurate service information

Service fees are appropriate

Price competition is transparent.

Receive quality service

Able to solve problems quickly

Maintain the confidentiality of customer information

- Govern the business in a transparent, fair, and verifiable manner.

- There is a policy against corruption.

Have ethics in maintaining the confidentiality of customer information

- Develop service quality and able to meet customer needs

Strictly maintaining the confidentiality of customer information

Supplier/ Partners

Making clear contracts for buying and selling goods and services

Evaluation of partner satisfaction

Carrying out activities with partners

Compliance with contracts and mutual agreements

- Conduct business together in a transparent, fair and equitable manner.

Maintain the confidentiality of customer information

Increase the efficiency of work processes related to procurement.

Strictly maintaining the confidentiality of partner information

Society and community- listening to ideas and suggestions through various channels of the company

Reduce environmental impacts on surrounding communities.

It is safe to provide services according to the specified safety standards.

- Participate in community development, create careers and income to create stability for people in the surrounding communities.

- Work according to safety guidelines. and occupational health at work

- Increase the efficiency of using various resources and reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

3.1.Environmental policies and practices

The company's executives and employees adhere to policies and guidelines for working. The details are as follows:

  • The company encourages directors, executives and employees at all levels in the organization to use resources economically and efficiently, appropriately and adequately. Including communicating knowledge, support and creating awareness to employees and all involved parties in managing the use of available resources for maximum benefit to the organization. Including using renewable energy to reduce environmental impacts.
  • The company will strictly comply with laws, rules and regulations related to the environment.
  • The company is committed to implementing, controlling, protecting, environmental impacts arising from the company's activities.
  • The company is committed to continuously developing and improving the environmental management system related to every business process. To prevent and reduce environmental impacts as well as extend the results to those involved in the company's activities.
  • The company supports and promotes the organization of various environmental activities such as training, public relations, etc., to help stimulate environmental awareness among employees, society and communities. Including conservation, prevention and reduction of environmental impacts, both direct and indirect. They may cooperate with government agencies or local agencies or other agencies.
  • The Company arranges for regular and continuous evaluation of compliance with the policies set forth above.
3.2.Environmental performance

Strategies for Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Global climate change caused by the release of greenhouse gases, which causes global warming. Therefore, the company is committed to jointly solving such problems. The company pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its operations. Including working with stakeholders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, as of February 23, 2023, the Company's Board of Directors has approved the implementation of a social and environmental responsibility policy. Regarding greenhouse gas emissions (Carbon) Footprint) for the mutual benefit of employees at all levels in the organization, including social responsibility, communities and stakeholders. The company has set a goal to reduce Carbon Intensity by 10% from the base year.

In 2021, the company prepared its first corporate carbon footprint assessment report to use as base year data. It is based on collecting historical data for a period of 1 year from 1 January to 31 December 2021. Bureau Veritas Certification (Thailand) Company Limited is the verifier. It is a legal entity verification agency that is in the external evaluator registration system for requesting a carbon footprint certification mark from the Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization).

The organization's greenhouse gas emissions and absorption are reported between January 1 and December 31, 2021, 2022, and 2023, based on ISO 14064-1 standards, with details as follows.

Scope of operation

List of greenhouse gas emissions sources

Annual greenhouse gas emissions (tonCO2e) (tonCO2e)

2021(base year)

ปี 2565


Scope 1

Direct emissions and absorption of greenhouse gases by the organization

1. Combustion of Gasohol 95 in automobiles




2. Leakage of refrigerant (R-410)

3.การรั่วไหลของสารทำความเย็น (R-32)

4. Methane leakage from the organization's wastewater treatment system.




Total scope1




Numbers used to calculate Carbon Intensity.




Scope 2

Indirect greenhouse gas emissions from energy use

1. Electricity use




Total scope2




Numbers used to calculate Carbon Intensity.




Scope 3


1. Employee travel




2. Acquisition of raw materials in the organization



3. Electrical energy/fuel use related to the organization



Total scope3




Numbers used to calculate Carbon Intensity.





Direct GHG emissions reported separately

1. Leakage of R-22 refrigerant.


2. Combustion of Gasohol 95


Carbon Intensity




2564(base year)1

ปี 25651


Scope 1




Ton CO2e

Scope 2




Ton CO2e

Scope 3




Ton CO2e

Sum of Scope 1+2




Ton CO2e

Sum of Scope 1+2+3




Ton CO2e

Total annual income




Million baht

Carbon Intensity (Scope 1+2)




Ton CO2e / Million baht

% increase (decrease) from the base year



Carbon Intensity (Scope 1+2+3)




Ton CO2e / Million baht

% increase (decrease) from the base year



Note: Adjust calculations and rounding in 2021 (base year) and 2022 to be the same as 2023 for use in comparison.

From the preparation of the report on greenhouse gas emissions and absorption for the year 2023 compared to the report on the amount of greenhouse gases for the base year 2021, it was found that direct greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 ) In 2023, there was a slight increase from the base year, which was 1.06 TonCO2e. For indirect greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 2) from electricity use, the amount increased by 43.08 TonCO2e. Therefore, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions of the organization in 2023 compared to the base year 2021 in the overall organization increased. This is due to the increasing number of customers coming to use the services of the organization. This causes the use of automobile fuel and electricity to increase.

In addition, other indirect greenhouse gas emissions include the provision of shuttle services to customers, the acquisition of electrical energy and fuel used in the organization, the management of waste from organizational activities and business-related travel. Additional sources of greenhouse gas emissions have been added from the base year. To be consistent with the activities that occur Including the reporting year, there was a selection of other indirect greenhouse gas emissions, only the most significant ones were: Acquisition of electrical energy and fuel for use in the organization and increased employee travel due to additional employees from the base year. As a result, the value of other indirect greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3) has a higher value of 42.30 Ton CO2e compared to the base year. with an emissions value of 52.84 Ton CO2e

In 2021 (base year), 2022, and 2023, the company has annual greenhouse gas emissions equal to 147.95 Ton CO2e, 232.82 Ton CO2e, and 235.33 Ton CO2e, with the amount of greenhouse gas emissions increasing from the base year. This is consistent with activities occurring within the organization and the situation of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) improving in 2022 and 2023, resulting in the company having more activities and emitting more greenhouse gas emissions. However, when considering together with the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions within the year (Carbon Intensity), which is determined by the company's output (total revenue) and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. It was found that in 2022 and 2023, the company had an intensity in releasing greenhouse gases within the year (Carbon Intensity) that decreased compared to 2021 shows the company's good management of controlling greenhouse gas emissions. This is because the company operates as a medical facility. The company's business operations therefore do not have much impact when compared to the industrial factory sector. However, the company is very considerate of the environment. Therefore, there are ways to reduce the use of electricity to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and there are ways to use more solar energy. There are plans to install solar panels on the hospital building that is under construction. This can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

The company has begun disclosing reports on greenhouse gas emissions according to ISO 14064-1 standards or TGO standards or other international standards or equivalent. Including ensuring the accuracy of information from outside experts is verified annually starting in 2021 and using 2021 data. It is base year data to set a goal to reduce the use of energy and various resources of the company. The company has set a goal to reduce Carbon Intensity by 10% from the base year (2021), which in 2022 the company can reduce to the extent of 1+. 2 is equal to 34.42%, scope 1+2+3 is equal to 12.79% in 2023, the company can reduce in scope 1+2 equal to 21.87%, scope 1+2+3 is equal to 5.21%, when combined with scope 3, it can be reduced less. As there are more employees, the use of gasoline for employee travel increases. In addition, the company has created knowledge for employees to create awareness and responsibility for society and the environment and has established a policy of social and environmental responsibility regarding the release of greenhouse gases.

4.1 Social policies and practices

The company's executives and employees adhere to policies and guidelines for working. The details are as follows:

  • The company conducts business with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) under basic ethical principles to ensure fairness to all stakeholders involved. As well as applying the principles of good corporate governance as a guideline to maintain balance in operations against the economy, community, society and the environment. This will lead to the development of a successful and sustainable business.
  • The company is aware of its responsibility to the community and society in order to strengthen the community and truly give back to society. By supporting activities to help society and improve the quality of life of people in the community. Including promoting volunteer operations related to continuous community and social development and cultivating awareness of responsibility towards the community, society and the environment among employees at all levels.
  • The company will treat employees and workers fairly so that they have a suitable living situation, including providing social security, compensation funds. and providing employee welfare at various levels, covering health insurance, protection and insurance. The company also promotes personnel development by organizing training. Seminars, training, including sending personnel to attend seminars and academic training in various related areas to develop knowledge, abilities, and potential of personnel. Including cultivating a good attitude, morality, ethics and teamwork to personnel. Including providing opportunities for employees to express their opinions or complaints about unfair treatment or wrongdoing in the company as well as providing protection to employees who report such matters. Strengthen the working environment that takes into account health, safety, and occupational health in the workplace. Including developing personnel to have knowledge and abilities. Sustainable career growth
  • The company has a policy to support and respect the protection of human rights by treating those involved, whether employees, communities and surrounding society, with respect for human values. We also take into account equality and equal freedom, not violating basic rights and not discriminating against race, nationality, religion, language, skin color, gender, age, education, physical condition. or social status Including ensuring that the company's business is not involved in human rights violations such as child labor and sexual harassment, etc. It also promotes monitoring of compliance with human rights requirements. By providing participation in expressing opinions and channels for filing complaints for those who have been damaged by rights violations arising from the Company's business operations, and providing appropriate remedies.
  • The company will treat customers with understanding. Including listening to customer opinions in order to make improvements efficiently. The company is committed to developing its products and services for maximum customer satisfaction and benefit and is committed to treating customers with responsibility, honesty. and take care of customers
  • The company takes into account customer safety and is committed to providing customers with quality and safe products and services in accordance with international safety standards and regulations and as required by law. Including always designing, creating and developing products and services so that customers can have confidence in the quality, standards and safety of the company's products and services.
  • The company provides a customer relations system for use in communicating with customers. Including receiving complaints about the quality of products and services efficiently through the company's website and service areas in order to quickly respond to customer needs.
  • The company will keep customer information confidential and will not use such information in a wrongful way.
  • The company will treat the community and society with sincerity, strengthening participation in community development in accordance with the community context in terms of economics, society, environment and culture. Including promoting the strength of the educational community Community culture and good health within the community and making the surrounding community and society safe and livable We also provide correct information to create understanding and listen to problems. Ready to cooperate
4.2 Social performance
     1. Employees and workers

The company adheres to human rights principles, employment laws and fair compensation, employee training and supervision, working environment. Including the provision of various welfare benefits for employees as required by law, such as social security, etc., and in addition to those required by law, such as a provident fund, annual health examinations, and the provision of consumables in the workplace, etc.

In addition, the company also organizes courses to train employees both from within the company. and from outside the company. Each year there will be a set training period, budget and people who must receive training in order for employees to develop their work potential. Safety, knowledge and personal abilities of the employees themselves, such as organizing basic resuscitation training. To review and provide knowledge to the company's personnel so that they can be used in resuscitation to help patients using CPR in an emergency event, etc.

    2. Customer

The company continuously develops its services to meet customer satisfaction with responsibility, honesty and ethics. In 2023, the company received responses from satisfaction questionnaires from 120 customers, with the majority of customers being satisfied.

    3. Activities for the community and society

The company conducts business with responsibility to the community and society. It places importance on reducing environmental impacts and avoiding operations that may have a negative impact on the quality of life of communities around the company. In 2022, there were no complaints from the community on social or environmental issues. Including the company has organized activities for the community and society as follows:

1) The company sent a medical team to lecture at the 11th PAAFPRS (Pan Asia Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) international medical conference on 18 - 24 February 2023 in Singapore. To join in exchanging knowledge with facial plastic surgeons from around the world. ข้อมูลบริษัท 17 2) The company organized an activity to share happiness on March 9, 2023 on the occasion of the 256th anniversary of "Celebrating the Victory of King Taksin the Great" by distributing food and 257 sets of beverages to the surrounding people to help and develop the company's good relationship with the community. ข้อมูลบริษัท 18 3) During the COVID-19 outbreak situation, the company has organized activities to distribute food, drinking water, and things necessary for life. To the public and various agencies such as Taksin Hospital, Khlong San District Office, Phitchayayatikaram Temple, etc., to provide assistance to those affected. ข้อมูลบริษัท 19 ข้อมูลบริษัท 20 4) The company has organized the activity Teerapon Sharing Kindness and Term Happiness, a social project that Teerapon has been doing continuously. annually To provide sustainable care and responsibility for society and surrounding communities. By donating consumer goods Consumption and items necessary for life for people living in the Khlong San area. In cooperation with the Khlong San District Office In addition, it is important to preserve Buddhism on various occasions. Continuously ข้อมูลบริษัท 21

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