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What is NECK-LOCK?

Neck Lock is a comestic surgery procedure targetting the problem of sagging skin under the chin area. Most people will experience this problem between the age of 50-80 years old. This problem can be solved by using a technique called Asia NECK-LOCK which uses Multiple Loop locking system by leveraging the Platysma muscles around the neck - a technique developed in-house by Dr. Choladhis. In many cases, patients who have excessive skin under the neck will be recommended with traditional neck surgery techniques which hide the wounds around the upper back of the neck. NECK-LOCK improves on this technique by locking the areas around the lower back for skull for more prolonged results.

In the first month, 70-80% of the scar will begin to disappear and continue to gradually disappear fully after that; with the length of the recovery period depending on the skin characteristics of each individual. For women, makeup can be applied around the scar 7-10 days after the sutures have been removed.

The benefits of NECK-LOCK

  1. NECK-LOCK targets sagging neck skin by tackling excessive skin around the neck area while producing smaller scars and requiring shorter recovery time compared to more traditional techniques.
  2. Smaller and painless scars.
  3. Team compared to traditional face and neck lift techniques.
  4. Require less recovery.

The NECK-LOCK process:

  1. Consultation with our specialist doctor
  2. Evaluation of the areas that need anesthesia
  3. Incision around the neck area
  4. Removal of the excessive skin
  5. Wounds stictching using our special technique
  6. Stitch the outer wounds
  7. Wound Disinfection
  8. Clean, disinfect and seal the healing wounds with sterilized gauze to complete the surgical procedure

Neck Lift (NECK-LOCK)


Neck Lift (NECK-LOCK)

Botox helps to reduce wrinkles and deep grooves by targeting the areas between the eyebrows, forehead and crow's feet while also being able to reduce the size of the jaws and the jaw muscles. With our Botox from USA, patients can expect visible results within 3-14 days after injection.


Teeraporn Clinic is the center for facial plastic surgery institute with over 40 years experience. With our team of specialist surgeons under the provision of Dr. Choladhis, Teeraporn Clinic offers the best-in-class plastic surgery services to fulfill all your cosmetic needs.
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