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Elevate your beauty with Teeraporn's Browlift solution.
Achieve naturally beautiful brows with perfect height and posture.
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The Process

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Step 1: Personalised design by our medical team

Our skilled medical team understands that every pair of eyebrows are unique. Which is why we start with personalized recommendations and craft designs tailored to your unique facial features.

Step 2: Precise, small incisions around the brows

Short microincisions are made around the brows depending on the design for access to the skin's subdermal layer.

Step 3: Brow height and posture adjustment

The brows' height and posture are adjusted based on the design. Excess skin maybe removed to reinforce contour around the brows.

Step 4: Close up incisions to finish the operation

Incisions are closed to finish up the operation.

Target Problem Areas

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Sunken Eyebrows

Eyebrows shifting too low due to weakening tissues

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Tilted Eyebrows

Over slanting brows leading to tired look

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Asymmetrical Eyebrows

Asymmetrical brows breaking facial symmetry

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Drooping Eyelids

Excess skin below the eye brows causing droopy eyes


What do I need to do to prepare for the procedure?
Preparation before the procedure is critical for best results. It is recommended to avoid the following things 2 weeks before the operation:
- Tylenol & pain killers to speed up recovery after the procedure
- Drinking or smoking
- Fish oil, supplements & vitamins to improve blood flow and speed up recovery
On the day of the operation, we recommend patients not to use makeup & contact lenses.
How long is the recovery time after the procedure?
You can go home immediately, as our operation is minimally invasive.
We recommend you visit us daily 3 days after the operation and 2 weeks after the operation for checkup. The stitches can be removed after 5 days depending on a case by case basis.
What is the difference between Browlift and Subbrow lift?

Browlift incisions happen above the brows, whereas subbrow incisions happen below the brows. The combination of these 2 techniques give us full control in adjusting the posture of the eyebrows.

Can I see the scar/ marks after the procedure?

These incisions are small and practically invisible to the eyes. They are also hidden on the inside of the spot to produce seamless results.

Can I speak to a doctor first before the procedure?

Our consultation is free. We recommend you consult our medical team to understand the solutions that best suit your needs.


Schedule a booking with us

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Step 1

Drop us

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Step 2

After consultation,

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Step 3

Patients can go home after their operation.

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